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Valensina GmbH: as an owner-managed company, it has always been our goal to treat our customers to nothing but the very best. Over the years, we have become one of Germany's leading suppliers of fruit juices and soft drinks. In Germany, we are market leaders in the area of freshly squeezed juices. And in Europe, we are one of the leading manufacturers of chilled and unchilled juices – our broad portfolio of attractive branded fruit drinks can be found almost everywhere across the continent. Our main brands are: the premium fruit juice brands “Valensina” and “Hitchcock”.

3 locations in Germany: Mönchengladbach, Vechta and Erding
394 employee
255 million liters of juice annually
220 million Euro sales annually
No. 2 in Germany
3 million kg of apples processed at Wolfra

A long history in a nutshell!


Geburtsjahr der Marke "VALENSINA". Rolf H. Dittmeyer füllt, unter der Marke Valensina, als erster in Europa Orangensäfte in 1,0l Flaschen


Aufgrund der besonderen Qualität wird Valensina Alleinlieferant bei den Olympischen Spielen in München


Verkauf der Marken "VALENSINA" und "Dittmeyer's" an Procter & Gamble - starke TV Präsenz


Valensina ist hinter RTL und Coca Cola die Nummer 3 der beliebtesten Marken in Deutschland


Rückkauf der Marken durch Rolf H. Dittmeyer, Aufbau einer eigenen Saft-Produktion in Bremen


Übernahme der Marke Valensina durch sportfit


Einführung der 1l PET Individualflasche


Mit der Einführung kühlpflichtiger Säfte, setzt Valensina neue Impulse am Kühlregal


Nr. 2 auf dem deutschen Fruchtsaftmarkt


TV-Rückkehr und Neupositionierung der Marke im Sinne der Valensina-Philosophie: "Zeit kann man schmecken"


Einführung der KIDS Range und Relaunch der Individualflasche


Launch Valensina „Nature’s Best“ & „VIVA“

Our VdF membership, Association of the German Fruit Juice Industry

We are a member of the VdF, the Association of the German Fruit Juice Industry [Verband der deutschen Fruchtsaft-Industrie e.V.], which represents the common interests of all fruit juice, juice drink and vegetable juice producers in Germany on a national and international level and keeps its members up-to-date on everything relevant to the industry. There are approx. 360 fruit juice producers in Germany, 346 of which are part of the VdF.
The VdF is a member of the AIJN (Association of the Industry of Juices and Nectars from Fruits and Vegetables of the European Union), a European association representing the sector and the general interests of the fruit juice industry in the European Union.

For more information about the VdF and the AIJN please see here:
www.fruchtsaft.de and www.aijn.eu


In addition, we are also a member of the private non-profit organisation SGF International e.V. and submit to its Voluntary Control System (Freiwilliges Kontrollsystem, FKS), which includes factory inspections as well as semi-finished and finished goods inspections throughout the entire supply chain.


Our powerful brands


Discover our great range of juices made from hand-picked, sun-ripened fruit – best quality for 100 % pure juice enjoyment!


Our 100 % premium-quality not from concentrate juices delight connoisseurs everywhere and are used in everything from cocktails to gourmet dishes. Give them a try!


“Like straight from the tree” – our unparalleled quality juices from Erding. Give them a try!

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